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All industrial castings should must NDT

All industrial castings should must NDT

What is NDT?

Non-destructive testing is a testing technique to check the internal or surface defects of the material, or to measure certain physical quantities, properties, organizational states, etc. of the material without damaging the material being tested.

Why do industrial castings need NDT?

The parts of large industrial equipment are all industrial castings. If the industrial castings have not been tested, there may be quality problems.. For example, production problems will cause defects in industrial castings. If the defects are not found in time, Then there will be various serious consequences.

industrial castings testing

More convenient NDT - Industrial pipe mirror 

As a common nondestructive testing equipment, industrial pipe mirror can detect the inner condition of industrial casting parts . 
It is used in manufacturing, automobile, plane and ship, etc.
It is simple to operate and easy to carry, and is also one of the necessary tools for casting quality inspection. 


The role of industrial pipeline mirror 

Industrial pipe mirror can timely detect the quality of industrial casting parts, analyze the sign and type of internal defects, so about solve the problem and improve the production quality. 

iBorescope industrial pipeline mirror can timely and effectively detect the internal situation of various casting parts. 

Not only can problems be found, but also local operations such as taking photos, video, marking, etc., can also form image data for saving or later data comparison, the functional operation is very perfect. 

For example, defects such as convex welding, internal pores, trachoma, cracks and burrs inside the casting parts, Because most castings are small and precise, the temporal structure is very complex, so the steering function of the pipeline and the width of the diameter are very tested. 

BK borescope NDT

iBorescope Industrial pipe Mirror can be customized to different diameters and lengths of the line according to the customer's different inspection needs, in order to more smoothly into the interior of the casting. 

iBorescope industrial pipeline mirror in the diameter of the pipeline can be 0.95mm, the probe is the most complete 360° all-round steering, to solve the problem of most of the workpiece small deep mouth. In addition, it is equipped with rear high-power LED light



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