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What role does industrial endoscope play in the field of nuclear power

What role does industrial endoscope play in the field of nuclear power

Nuclear energy is one of the most widely used new energy sources. It has the advantages of clean and pollution-free, high energy density, low comprehensive cost, and no power supply gap.

It is an important part of building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system. Promoting the high-quality development of nuclear energy is an important means for the country to optimize the energy structure, ensure the security of energy supply, achieve the "dual carbon" goal, and respond to climate change.

However, the safety of nuclear power plants is also a concern of the whole world. Therefore, the regular use of high-definition industrial borescopes for maintenance and inspection of nuclear power equipment is very important to nuclear power safety. So what role can industrial video borescopes play in the field of nuclear power?

During the construction phase of nuclear power plants, industrial video borescopes detect pipeline welds and foreign objects. The internal structure of a nuclear power plant is complex, and each structure needs to be connected by a large number of pipes, so there are very strict testing standards and requirements for the internal quality of nuclear power pipelines. In the process of pipeline installation and welding, industrial borescopes need to be used to detect the welded joints, and at the same time, any foreign objects in the pipeline can be found and processed.

In the operation and maintenance stage of nuclear power plants, industrial video borescopes are also very useful. After the nuclear power plant is running to generate electricity, an overhaul is required for each refueling cycle. During the overhaul period of the power plant, a thorough inspection of each system is required. The use of industrial borescopes can check the foreign matter at the bottom of the fuel pool in the primary circuit; detect the cleanliness between the tubes after the evaporator is cleaned in the secondary circuit, and carry out cleanliness detection and grasping of foreign matter, nuclear power heat exchanger tube bundles; Corrosion, discovery and cleaning of foreign matter; inspection of internal cleanliness of high and low pressure cylinders of conventional island steam turbines, etc.

As a branch of non-destructive testing, industrial video borescopes effectively ensure the safe and stable operation of nuclear power plants. If you have related needs, please contact



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