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Basic working principle, characteristics and application of industrial borescope

The application of industrial borescope in the aviation field

Introduction to the working principle and application scope of industrial borescopes

(1)Features of industrial borescope

An industrial borescope is a non-destructive testing instrument classified as visual inspection (VT). It is used to observe the internal surface of objects that cannot be directly viewed by the naked eye. This detection method has the characteristics of non-destructive and simple operation. It saves the tedious disassembly and assembly process and avoids damage to the structure of the detected object. It can effectively improve the detection efficiency.

HD Industrial Borescope

(2)How industrial borescope work

Generally speaking, the principle of industrial borescope is similar to that of medical borescope. There are three types of video borescopes, fiber borescopes, and rigid tube borescopes. The first two of these are collectively referred to as flexible borescopes. Electronic borescopes combine CCD or CMOS image sensors, optical lenses, illumination sources, and mechanical devices. After a series of photoelectric conversion, the image is finally output from the display side. The image is clear and convenient for objective analysis and judgment of the test results. The borescope system with measurement function implements a series of software operations in combination with optical principles. At the same time, the electronic endoscope can be steered and bent, so that it can go deep into the cavity or through the bent tube for all-round observation. Industrial borescope technology covers optics, mechanics, electronics, software and other disciplines. This puts forward higher requirements for the R&D and production level of enterprises.
The core of the industrial borescope is the embedded imaging system and the probe control system. The embedded imaging system realizes imaging, photography, video recording and other operations through algorithms. The probe control system is mainly used to control the steering, generally mechanical control and electric control. The former realizes the steering of the probe directly through the traction device, and the latter realizes the steering indirectly through the motor. The motorized control mode enables the probe to be controlled by software. Make the probe angle precise orientation, fine-tuning, one-key reset and control speed.

(3)The scope of application of industrial borescope

Industrial borescopes are widely used. It can be used in aerospace, energy industry, petrochemical industry, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, special inspection industry, food and medicine machines, police safety, military equipment, automotive aftermarket and other fields. Common applications of industrial borescopes are the detection of core components such as aero-engine combustion chambers, compressors, blades, and turbines. As well as testing of auto parts such as engine, cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, etc., and testing of electrical equipment such as gearboxes, bearings, pipes, and valves.



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