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What problems will occur when industrial endoscope probes are used

What problems will occur when industrial endoscope probes are used

Industrial endoscopes are playing an increasingly important role in industrial development. Any precise device needs to be tested regularly so as not to affect daily production.

 This kind of failure, if the detection effect is deviated due to improper operation, it will not be worth the loss;

The endoscope is mainly divided into three parts: the host, the wire tube, and the probe; in addition to controlling the buttons of the host and the screen, the front-end probe can also be regarded as a very important core part, which can determine the quality of the picture seen. If the optical fiber illumination is not enough, it directly determines whether the detection quality is successful or not;

Generally, the interior of the camera at the top is wrapped with an illumination fiber bundle, and the guiding tungsten wire determines the video conduction signal. If the operation is not standardized during the detection process or it is bumped by a heavy object, it will cause some damage to the probe of the electronic endoscope. What problems do the probes of industrial endoscopes generally have when they are used? What points should be paid attention to when using them? The following Xiaobian will share with you;

1. If the probe is squeezed or deformed, the picture information captured by the probe cannot be converted normally. At this time, the image on the display screen will appear abnormal: blurry screen or color distortion, etc.;

2. If the illumination fiber inside the probe is damaged, it will affect the fiber transmission, resulting in excessive brightness or weakened brightness, which will affect the clarity of the picture;

3. If the video signal inside the probe is damaged, the video signal will not be able to transmit normally, then the county food side will not receive the image processing signal, or the phenomenon of black screen will appear;

4. If the front-end lens of the probe is damaged and the light guide tube is cracked, the output light of the lens will diverge, and the object under test will not be able to capture the picture and cannot be operated when shooting;

The industrial endoscope probe will encounter various damages during frequent operation, and problems will definitely affect the use of the machine, so what should be paid attention to in daily use?

1. Make sure the lens is straightened before using the borescope, and it is strictly forbidden to turn when the insertion tube is in a curled state

2. When placing the probe daily, be careful not to squeeze, bend, drop, etc., to avoid system failure

3. The probe should not be immersed in water for a long time. After use, be sure to wipe the probe and place it again;

4. When the camera probe is in a bent state, do not take it out directly from the pipe, it should be controlled by the joystick before taking it out; do not tear it with your hands;

5. After using in harsh environments, be sure to pay attention to cleaning the lens, you can use a dust-free cloth to wipe it clean, so as not to affect the next use;

The industrial endoscope probe will inevitably have various damages during use. Whether it is a problem with guidance, lighting or display, you must contact the manufacturer as soon as possible;

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