Automobile shock absorber oil tank inspection

Automobile shock absorber oil tank inspection

Industrial borescope inspection is a kind of visual inspection in non-destructive inspection. Through imaging and processing technology, it can be observed in a space that cannot be observed by the naked eye or in a narrow gap, and the situation of the detected object can be reflected on the display in real time. for inspectors to view. At the same time of visualization, it can also save images and videos, and can quantitatively analyze product defects, and conduct quality control of products by measuring the length and area of ​​defects.

Just extend the borescope probe into the part to be inspected, adjust the brightness of the LED, and adjust the viewing angle by turning the handle to quickly judge the internal situation of the part, which is fast, accurate and easy to operate. This simple-to-operate and easy-to-use equipment has played an important role in more and more industries.

For example, a customer who has just made a deal is committed to the manufacture and research and development of auto parts. It is a representative enterprise of independent auto parts system suppliers in the United States. It is about to get off work and receive customer inquiries. Two sets of equipment are urgently needed for testing and use, and communication with customers Schedule a demo time!

       Customer Profile:

       The customer unit is XX Company in the United States, which is committed to the manufacture and research and development of auto parts. It is a representative enterprise of the independent auto parts system in the United States. The main products are automobile shock absorbers, which have a high reputation in the industry.

       Customer requirements:

       Internal Visual Inspection of borescope Shock Absorber Oil Reservoir

       Observation diameter φ40mm-60mm, pipe diameter depth 350mm-500mm

       It mainly inspects quality defects such as press-fitting burrs on the bottom cover.



        The representatives of the customer are mainly engineers from the technical department and the production department. They use borescopes to detect the inside of the shock absorber. After listening to our technical staff's explanation of the products, the relevant responsible personnel of the customer operate the BK series industrial products respectively. borescope, 6mm diameter equipment for inspection, the borescope can be inserted into the tube body to achieve 360-degree real-time guidance, built-in lighting source, the inspector can observe the internal image through the liquid crystal display, and the oil storage can be observed through the industrial borescope The internal condition of the barrel can be checked, and the defective parts in question can be photographed or recorded. The customer has fully affirmed the clarity of the equipment and other functions. After detailed communication and understanding, we learned that the customer's needs are as follows:

       Customer demands:

      1. The definition requirements of industrial borescopes are high, and the requirements are not less than megapixels.

      2. Due to the large amount of shooting, the device needs to have a certain amount of storage capacity, and at the same time, it must be convenient for customers to export files.

      Second, the solution:

      1. 1 million high-definition pixels, which can meet the internal observation of the shock absorber oil tank, the burr of the pipe bottom cover press-fitting, can intuitively and clearly judge whether the observation part is qualified, and the photos and videos are clear.

      2. 32G storage to prevent data loss, HDMI video output port, 360-degree swing head, and pipes can be replaced to match different pipe diameters!

After various testing and communication, we finally solved the problem for the customer and finally reached a cooperation agreement. At the same time, we thank customers for their trust and support to our company. It is our mission to solve the needs of customers, and it is also our biggest feedback to customers.



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